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Management 3.0 Audiences

Who should attend a leadership course? Anyone who wants to influence change management and increase employee engagement has the ability to attend a Management 3.0 workshop.

Much of our Management 3.0 workshops include storytelling from employees and managers sharing their own experiences. Because of this, each Management 3.0 leadership course is different as each person that wants to change management is different.

Realizing all of this, Management 3.0 facilitators work to customize each course based on the attendees and their needs. However, there are groups of people who tend to gravitate to our brand of change management, and thus we offer some insight into what happens at those industry or sector-specific workshops.

Management 3.0 Audiences often include:


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Management 3.0: The Book

I don’t care for cookbooks, as in ‘5 steps to success at whatever.’ I like books that urge you to think, that present new ideas and get mental juices flowing. Jurgen’s book is in this latter category; it asks us to think about leading and managing as a complex undertaking–especially in today’s turbulent world. Management 3.0 offers managers involved in agile/lean transformations a thought-provoking guide how they themselves can ‘become’ agile.
– JIM HIGHSMITH, executive consultant at ThoughtWorks, Inc., author of Agile Project Management

★★★★½ on GoodReads and Amazon

Management is often the main obstacle to agile software development

Management-3.0-agile-management-book-coverAgile management is an often overlooked part of Agile. There are at least a hundred books for agile developers and project managers, but very few for agile managers and leaders.

When organizations adopt agile software development, not only developers and project managers need to learn new practices. Development managers and team leaders must also learn a different approach to leading and managing organizations.

Several studies indicate that management is the biggest obstacle in transitions to agile software development. Managers need to learn what their new role is in software development organizations in the 21st century, and how to get the best out of Agile. Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders is a half-theoretical, half-practical book will help them and this book will help you.

Don’t get tricked by the word ‘Agile’ used in the subtitle. The book isn’t really about Agile; it is about healthy, sensible and down-to-earth management. Something, which is still pretty uncommon.
– PAWEL BRODINSKI, CEO Lunar Logic, Poland’s leading Kanban proponent, and agile project manager

About the Author, Jurgen Appelo

jurgen-appelo-headshotLeadership guru Jurgen Appelo calls himself a creative networker. Since 2008 Jurgen has penned a popular blog at, covering the creative economy, agile management, and personal development. He is the author of Management 3.0 and the subsequent Management 3.0 workshops. He also has written the booklet How to Change the World, which describes a supermodel for change management and then the practical follow-up to Management 3.0, 2014’s #Workout: Games, Tools & Exercises to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Customers Jurgen is CEO of the business network Happy Melly, and co-founder of the Agile Lean Europe network and the Stoos Network for better leaders. He is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world. More about the author…

How can you get your hands on a copy of Management 3.0?

Buy the Paperback on Amazon or get the Kindle edition.

Languages Available: English and Chinese

Management 3.0 Table of Contents

  1. Why Things Are Not That Simple
  2. On Agile Software Development
  3. On Complex Systems Theory
  4. The Information-Innovation System
  5. How to Energize People
  6. The Basics of Self-Organization
  7. How to Empower Teams
  8. Leading and Ruling on Purpose
  9. How to Align Constraints
  10. The Craft of Rulemaking
  11. How to Develop Competence
  12. The Landscape of Change
  13. How to Improve Everything
  14. All Is Wrong, but Some Is Useful

This book is the result of both Jurgen’s extensive experience as a team leader and agile manager and his addiction to consuming hundreds of leadership and management tomes, each of which, from modern efficiency leaders back to Adam Smith, are cited throughout the book. You can even find the massive bibliography along the right side of the page here.

An important portion of the book deals with complexity theory, and how ideas and concepts from this scientific field can be translated to management of software development teams. It aims at managers who want to become agile, and agilists who want to become managers.

Keep the agile management movement going and Register for a Management 3.0 Workshop today!

When I first met Jurgen and learned he was writing a book based on complexity theory, I thought, ‘That sounds good, but I’ll never understand it.’ Books with words like entropy, chaos theory, and thermodynamics tend to scare me. In fact, not only did I find Management 3.0 accessible and easy to understand, I can apply the information immediately, in a practical way. It makes sense that software teams are complex adaptive systems, and a relief to learn how to apply these ideas to help our teams do the best work possible. This book will help you whether you’re a manager or a member of a software team.”
– LISA CRISPIN, agile tester at Pivotal Labs, extreme scrum user, co-author of Agile Testing

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Why should you sign up for the Management 3.0 Mailing List?

Jurgen-AppeloBy joining this mailing list, you will join more than 11,000 other change agents who are gaining insight into the mind of management guru Jurgen Appelo, access to exclusive content, and free online versions of his books #Workout: Games, Tools & Practices to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients and How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0.

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What will you get?

  1. You get FREE DOWNLOAD COPIES of the book Management 3.0 Workout, both in a Text Edition (one PDF) and in a special Design Edition (separate chapters.)
  2. You get a FREE DOWNLOAD COPY of the book How to Change the World, which has sold 10,000 copies in two years.
  3. You get 342 FREE ILLUSTRATIONS that you can use in your own presentations or on your blog or website.

Oh, and sometimes (only once or twice per month) Jurgen will send you unique content, exclusively. Sometimes it’s a useful learning experience, sometimes it’s an exclusive download link. But it will always be exclusive, and only for those who say YES to learning!


How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0

“This book is a great intro to becoming an agent of change! The topics covered provide clear, easy to understand concepts with creative visuals/acronyms that make them easier to remember. The framework for introducing and managing change just makes sense. Change Management 3.0 is approachable, simple, and engaging. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in change management, or wants to improve any complex social system.” (Review on Amazon)

The Littlest Guide for Change Managershow-to-change-the-world-change-management

Management guru Jurgen Appelo drafted the 90-page booklet How to Change the World: Management 3.0 as a starter guide to what is change management and how to enact it within your organization. This small tome is chock full of hands-on exercises and tips for how to influence change across an organization.

What is change management?

Change management is the popular approach for transforming organizations by way of transitioning individuals, teams and even whole businesses in a specific future direction. Perhaps even a better term could even be transformational management.

How do I deal with my crappy organization?

Jurgen penned this guide to change management process because “How do I deal with my crappy organization?” is a question asked more and more across sectors, industries and job titles, worldwide. There is a movement to improve the work and purpose we do, which can be called Change Management 3.0.

“I like my work but I don’t like what our management is doing. How do I deal with it?” Well, you have three options:

  1. Ignore it. Changing organizations is hard work. If you don’t have the stamina to learn how to be a good change agent, then stop complaining about what’s bad. Accept that the organization for what it is, and enjoy the good parts of your work. (If this is the case, this book isn’t for you.)
  2. Quit your job. The only reason there are bad organizations is that people don’t quit their jobs. Do the world a favor and find a better place to work. Help bad organizations out of their misery by not working for them. (If this is the case, good luck on your new adventure! Oh, and this book isn’t for you either.)
  3. Learn about change management. Most people are terrible at influencing other people and changing organizations. But, if you’re serious about it, you can learn how to be a more effective change agent. (Really, this is the book for you.)

“To my friends who want to make changes – either behavioral, environmental or personal – and feel powerless. The book will introduce you to methods, models and tools to aid you in making a management change that has real impact.” – Guilherme Ferreira, embedded software developer at DataCom (Review on GoodReads)

Are you ready to either Take It, Leave It, or Change It?

Get How to Change the World Today!

How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0 is available in English for KindlepaperbackPDF (A4) and PDF (Letter) formats.

You can also find it in the following languages:

What is Change Management 3.0?

Often times, the most difficult part of affecting change in an organization is influencing the behavior of other people. Many also often say, “I know what they should be doing, but they’re just not doing it!” We all want to know how to affect change in complex systems, the crux of change management.

change-managementBoth Change Management 3.0 and this book follow this pattern which we call the Change Management Supermodel because it brings together the best of the best ingredients from various change management processes:

  1. Dance with the system, using the PDCA model (plan, do, check, act.)
  2. Mind the people, using the ADKAR model (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement.)
  3. Stimulate the network, using the Adoption Curve model.
  4. Change the environment, using the Five I’s model.

About the Author, Jurgen Appelo

jurgen-appelo-headshotLeadership guru Jurgen Appelo calls himself a creative networker. Since 2008 Jurgen has penned a popular blog at, covering the creative economy, agile management, and personal development. Besides this book, he is the author of Management 3.0 number-one agile management text and the proactive follow-up #Workout: Games, Tools & Exercises to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Customers, as well as founding the Management 3.0 workshops. Jurgen is CEO of the business network Happy Melly, and co-founder of the Agile Lean Europe network and the Stoos Network for better leaders. He is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world. More about the author…

Get How to Change the World today!


Management 3.0 Books & Products

You’re motivated to enact change management in your organization by increasing employee engagement and team collaboration. Whether you are a manager or team member, you recognize the need for change and you are starting to recognize your ability to affect that change from within. You’re dissatisfied with the status quo. This is wonderful and more than half the battle!

At Management 3.0, we not only give you all-star leadership workshops that help you grow your communication and collaboration skills, we give you the tools to take it all back to the office with you. We are constantly looking to grow what we can offer you to make your business transformation easier. That’s why we offer you a collection of Management 3.0 books and games to take back to your team. After all, team unity and learning often come from playing.

Management 3.0 Books

workout-book-cover #Workout: Games, Tools & Exercises to Engage People, Improve Work and Delight Clients

Author: Jurgen Appelo
Language Available: English
ISBN: 978-9492032027


Management-3.0-agile-management-book-coverManagement 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders

Author: Jurgen Appelo
Languages Available: English, Chinese
ISBN: 978-0321712479


how-to-change-the-world-change-managementHow to Change the World: Change Management 3.0

Author: Jurgen Appelo
Languages Available: English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, French, Japanese
ISBN: 978-9081905114

Management 3.0 Games & Exercises

Exercise–Kudo-CardsKudo Cards

Language Available: English




delegation-poker-cardsDelegation Poker

Language Available: English




Exercise - Moving Motivators (box and cards)Moving Motivators

Language Available: English




Exercise - Meddlers (2 teams)Meddlers

Language Available: English




Improv-Cards-thumbnailImprov Cards


Get Licensed to Train the Next Generation of Management 3.0!

Being a licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator means that you get to help people become leaders. You get to help them be happier at work. You get to help them affect change management and develop employee empowerment. Do you think you can be an animated business coach and change facilitator?

As a licensed facilitator you can give Management 3.0 courses and workshops anywhere in the world, in your own company, or at public events. All Management 3.0 facilitators must have attended a two-day workshop first, in order to experience it from the perspective of an attendee. Then, you should fill out the form below to apply for your Management 3.0 license.

As a licensed content creator you can make new Management 3.0 content, and get paid each time the content is used. Before you fill out this form, please check out our License Agreement for Content Associates 1.0. It describes what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you, as a Licensed Content Associate.

What is Management 3.0?

What is a Management 3.0 Workshop?

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Working Region (cities, countries or continents)

Special Skills / Interests


 I have read the license agreement.


Management 3.0 Attendee Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs! Management 3.0 is a movement of people ready to step up and develop a new definition of leadership and team collaboration. Each workshop is different because each attendee and the experience he or she brings to the conference table is different. That means that reactions to our workshops could be mixed.

We ask every attendee to reply to an anonymous evaluation of their workshops and of their Management 3.0 facilitators. The results? Management 3.0 Workshops are anonymously evaluated as an average of an 8.45 out of 10! Not bad, eh?

The games & exercises were great! In particular, I liked the Metrix Matrix, Champfrogs, Delegation Poker, and Meddlers. I also liked the Change Management 3.0 Module & the change exercise – it really brought everything together into four aspects of change that’s spot on with the type of work I do with clients & teams.
– SUSAN GIBSON, agile coach at LeanDog, USA

Just the right amount of theory vs. exercises, general experience vs. each participant’s experience, one-way teaching vs. two-way sharing/feedback.
– CLAUDIA DANIELA HOSU, scrum master at Small Footprint, Romania

It is very refreshing to see Management 3.0 is considerably more oriented toward empowering the team and making it happy, as opposed to traditional management that was focusing on performance.
–  LUC DUPLESSIS, agile product owner at Accedian Networks, Canada

I had so many takeaways, almost everything. I would say: complex systems discussion, a lot of metaphors, seven levels of authority, discussions of challenges, loved all the stories. Great great great course!
– TALI GOSHEN, vice president of human resources at superDimension, Israel

Very involving and with a very flexible agenda. The result was that we did some very concrete problem solving, including making use of the participants’ varied experiences.
– SIGNE BRAMMING ANDERSEN, manager at DONG Energy, Denmark

It has the right mix of examples, theory, and games. Convincing and authentic.
– SERGIU GAVRILA, team leader at itdesign GmbH, Germany

My team will be using Moving Motivators, a problem wall and a happiness index. The biggest takeaway was to try many different things, tweak and try more.
– ANDREW BROWN, senior IT project manager, University of Michigan, USA

I have gained some more tools and been reminded about some of the existing tools in my little toolkit which needed sharpening.
– KASPER JORGENSEN, project manager at CIPM, Denmark

Having experienced the games was quite useful to realize that they work. They are all exercises to play with my teams.
– ALEJANDRO SCADROLI, developer and founder at Amneris Web Solutions, Spain

The exercises were very enlightening, whether in sharing my own experiences or listening to others – it certainly caused me to pause and reflect upon my own “style” and recognize opportunities for growth.
– DAVID SOULE, section manager at Erie Insurance Group, USA

I consider two days as a well-balanced choice and the pace during the two days was just right.
– ROBERT SUNDIN, manager at Com Hem AB, Sweden

The best feature, one that I have never seen in such courses, but always wanted, is the list of books worth reading. It makes the course only a starting point, for your own exploration on each topic.
– LUKASZ NALEPA, scrum master and software engineer at CUBE-CR, Poland

See for yourself and Sign Up for a Management 3.0 Workshop today!

And here’s the buzz all over Twitter for @Management30 and #m30Workout!


Agile Project Management Skills from Management 3.0


In many organizations, the management is often the biggest obstacle to successful IT project management and agile project management skills development. For more than five years now, Jurgen Appelo has been considered an agile thought leader in the movement to adapt IT project management for better team collaboration and proper agile management adoption. And he’s brought more than 100 agile business coaches with him on this awesome journey.

This leadership revolution is called Management 3.0. It is the future of management, which is all about doing the right thing for your team, involving everyone in improving the system and fostering employee engagement.

After more than a decade in agile development and agile management, team leader to more than a hundred software developers, development managers, project managers, business consultants, service managers, and kangaroos – some of which he hired accidentally – Jurgen discovered a gap in agile literature. There are at least a hundred books for agile developers and project managers, but very few for agile managers and leaders. He felt ready to pen the premiere guide introducing a realistic approach to leading, managing, and growing your agile team or organization. And thus Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders was born.

Learn more about Management 3.0

From there, Jurgen has created a two-day Management 3.0 agile management workshop and a one-day #Workout hands-on agile best practices workshop, as well as has written two more best-sellers on change management and employee engagement. Management 3.0 has turned into an international movement of agile developers, team leaders and management ready to empower teams through agile project management.

While Management 3.0 workshops and books provide great leadership and management exercises and advice for all types of teams, from human resources management to project management, developers, middle management and executive level, it first gained its notoriety in 2010 in the world of agile project management skills development. Now, more than a hundred agile coaches in 24 countries (and counting!) are helping to train the agile managers and future agile leaders of the world in better exercises and best practices.

Get your copy of Management 3.0 today!


Management 3.0 introduces the reader to Agile management and complexity theory in an engaging, pragmatic way that you will find both informative and a useful reference for years to come.

While each team is different and has different needs toward more complete agile adoption, Management 3.0 addresses certain topics that are relevant across not only all agile teams but all team collaboration in general:

  • systems thinking
  • complexity theory
  • behavior
  • extrinsic motivation vs. intrinsic motivation
  • authority and delegation
  • employee engagement and team empowerment
  • behavior
  • goal setting
  • structuring times
  • change management
  • ADKAR model
  • The Five I’s: Information, Identity, Incentives, Infrastructure, Institutions

Whether you are just looking for alternatives to waterfall, how to implement scrum methodology, how agile kanban can help you, or simply how to be a better manager, everyone can learn from Management 3.0.

“I strongly advise any leader, even from non-software related areas or companies, to attend. Even though the ideas and insights Jurgen provides during the course are very good and he is an excellent presenter, you can read them in his blog and in his book. What is great in this course is the opportunity to practice and discuss the ideas and insights with Jurgen and the other attendees and the chance to exchange experiences.” – Management 3.0 Workshop attendee Joaquim José Rodrigues Torres, computer engineer from ITA and product management director at Locaweb

Management 3.0 helps you improve your Agile Management

Management 3.0 helps you answer questions like:

  • How can I make the rest of my organization more agile?
  • How can I motivate my employees to develop themselves?
  • How can I persuade customers to accept scrum?

Also Read: 8 Reasons NOT to Do an Agile Management Course

Management 3.0 has you working with other agile managers and developers to change the system, your teammates, your interactions and your environment.

Management 3.0 is the future of management.

Does a one-day or two-day workshop qualify for PMI-ACP credits?

At Management 3.0, we are not a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute, however, since we’re a training organization offering a agile project management course, our attendees will be able to claim the hours spent focusing on agile project management as Category B PDUs (professional development units.)

According to PMI, you can earn Category B PDUs for your PMI-ACP accredidation by attending relevant educational agile project management courses offered by training organizations not registered with PMI. This may include training (or a webinar) offered by a non-Registered Education Provider training organization.

One hour of instruction related to agile project management equals one PDU. According to our agile project management coaches, all topics taught at both workshops are considered relevant to agile project management and thus all hours qualify for PDUs – 16 hours for the Management 3.0 two-day course, eight hours for the #Workout one-day workshop. Since these two agile project management courses are complimentary, you could earn a total of 24 hours of PDUs.

Interested in learning about how a Management 3.0 workshop qualifies for regular PMI PDUs (professional development units)?

Join an Agile Management 3.0 Workshop today!


Management 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have created a place to answer all your frequently asked questions about Management 3.0. Whenever new questions crop up, we’ll keep adding to them. In the meantime, we love to hear from our fellow management changemakers on social media, so make sure to follow us via the buttons at the bottom of the page! And don’t forget sign up for the Management 3.0 newsletter!

What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is a series of leadership and team collaboration workshops, a book, and an international movement. It is the belief that management is too important to be left to the managers, and that everyone together can improve work life, employee empowerment and results. It is a believe that more can be learned in half an hour of a game than a month of meetings. Here you can learn all about Management 3.0 and its methods.

Will Management 3.0 make me a better leader?

No. That’s all on you. Don’t think you can walk out of a course or read one of our books and you will suddenly know it all. YOU have to do it. Everything we do with Management 3.0 is to give you #Workouts and exercises that you can try with your team right away. With everything you ask yourself, “What can I do tomorrow?” We are very much about the practical – so your success as a leader comes from you putting our best practices into practice.

How do I sign up for a Management 3.0 event?

Visit our Event Schedule Page to find links to sign up directly to events. Don’t see one soon near you? An event request form will pop up. Or you can contact one of our facilitators directly.


When will Management 3.0 come to my country? When is Jurgen coming to my town?

The spirit of Management 3.0 is everywhere, any time someone is trying to influence positive change in their organization, and the in-person Management 3.0 workshops are already in 24 countries. Here is the list of upcoming workshops run by our more than 100 fabulous facilitators. If you don’t see one where or when you want it, simply fill in the request form and we will have a local facilitator contact you or you can pick a facilitator to contact directly.

Jurgen Appelo doesn’t do Management 3.0 workshops anymore but you can visit his website to learn about how he could do a keynote. We have more than 100 talented facilitators ready to work with you!

Can I have a special Management 3.0  Workshop at my office? Do you offer private on-site trainings?

Absolutely! It’s best to start with where you want to hold the workshop and look for a facilitator that gives workshops in that area. (Many are happy to travel.) Facilitators are happy to adapt workshops for each group’s needs.

How much do these workshops cost? What happens if a workshop is cancelled? 

Organization of the Management 3.0 workshops is decentralized and each Management 3.0 facilitator runs things his or her own way. Please contact your facilitator directly for any terms, conditions, location, pricing, scheduling changes or cancellations.

Who are the Management 3.0 Facilitators?

They are well over a hundred men and women around the world. They are people just like you who wanted to be change agents within their organizations, so they took the Management 3.0 or #Workout course. They influenced change in their own organizations by using some of the Management 3.0 best practices and games. For many of them, Management 3.0 is one of many trainings they offer, often including businesses coaches, agile coaches, lean coaches, corporate culture coaches and more. They are a diverse group of licensed facilitators, but they certainly share a passion for improving businesses and lives, knowing the two usually go together.  Meet the Facilitators here.

How can I become a Management 3.0 facilitator too? 

We definitely want to spread the Management 3.0 movement around the world. First, you need to attend one of our two-day leadership workshops to experience it for yourself as an attendee. Then you can contact us for more information on how you can get licensed to become a Management 3.0 facilitator.

Where can I get Management 3.0 course materials to use at my office?

Each month we are adding new items to our Management 3.0 Online Store. Here you can buy Jurgen’s first three Management books:

You can also buy tools, games and exercises used in the books and workshops, including kudo cards, delegation poker, and moving motivators. A lot of the other Management 3.0 exercises are an opportunity for you and your team to get creative, making things that inspire and motivate. Don’t forget to build your own Kudo Box or Happiness Wall!

Do Management 3.0 workshops qualify for PMI PDUs or PMI-ACP credits?

In a nutshell, yes. All of course workshop hours qualify for both the Project Management Institute’s traditional project development units, usually called PMI PDUs, and for the PMI agile certified practitioner credits, usually called PMI-ACP credits.

Learn more about our Agile Project Management workshops.

Learn more about our Project Management workshops.

I own a bookstore or teach a management class. How can I help people get their hands on Jurgen Appelo’s books?

Go here to get the details on how private bookstores and university and MBA programs can resell #Workout: Games, Tools & Exercises to Engage People, Improve Work, and Delight Clients.

What’s the story of the Management 3.0 team? Who is this Melly chica? 

melly-hates-her-jobManagement 3.0 is just one of the great brands under the small business network umbrella of Happy Melly. For more than 25 years this modern-art-slash-public-service-announcement has been on a street corner in Jurgen’s hometown of Rottendam in the Netherlands. Melly is the inspiration behind Happy Melly, a group of entrepreneurs who are truly dedicated to creating happiness at work. To learn more about the transparent way we run our 100 percent trust organization, check out the Happy Melly blog to get the behind-the-scenes of Management 3.0 and friends.

Who is Jurgen Appelo?

Jurgen Appelo calls himself a creative networker, writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or, simply, a Dutch guy. He’s been named a Top 50 Leadership Expert by Inc Magazine (and #1 in Europe.) He is a big name in the agile management world and as the author of three proactive management texts. Jurgen has founded the Management 3.0 leadership methodology and now has licensed like-minded individuals to help facilitate it in your company.

Any more questions?

Contact us directly!