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Steward the living instead of managing the machine: Management 3.0 by Ellen Grove

Management 3.0 – Software Development Meets General Management by Hans Stoisser

Management 3.0 course by Logi Helgu

Management 3.0 by Joca on Stuff

Management 3.0 by Hass Chapman

Gestao by Jurgen Appelo by André Faria (Portuguese)

Management 3.0 with Jurgen Appelo by Juan Banda


@hwiputra: “Thanks @jurgenappelo for the inspiring and thought provoking training! I had so much fun and great ideas from it.”

@simonbristow: “Spent a lot of today ruminating on the great ideas and concepts I learnt on @jurgenappelo ‘s Management 3.0 course #inspired”

@mimajew: “Thanks for the #management30 course in Krakow. It was really inspiring.”

@joostmulders: “Finished the last training day of #management30. Tired but inspired is the right way to express my current feeling I guess.”

@raroos: “Done with the training. If you are a manager you need to follow this training. #Management30 #great

@gdeb: “#management30 training was great! Must follow training for managers. Dare to let go and poke the system.”


I have gained some more tools and been reminded about some of the existing tools in my little toolkit which needed sharpening. - Kasper Jørgensen, Project Manager at CIPM, Denmark

All the examples from real life and the exercises were really good and made it interesting all the way. - Erik Svensson, Project Manager at Ericsson, Sweden

The games & exercises were great! In particular, I liked the Metrix Matrix, Champfrogs, Delegation Poker, and Meddlers. I also liked the Change management 3.0 Module & the change exercise – it really brought everything together into 4 aspects of change that’s spot on with the type of work I do with clients & teams. - Susan Gibson, Agile Coach at LeanDog, USA

It has the right mix of examples, theory, and games. Convincing and authentic. - Sergiu Gavrila, Team Leader at itdesign GmbH, Germany

Just the right amount of theory vs. exercises, general experience vs. each participant’s experience, one-way teaching vs. two-way sharing/feedback. - Claudia Daniela Hosu, ScrumMaster at Small Footprint, Romania

I had so many takeaways, almost everything. I would say: complex systems discussion, a lot of metaphors, 7 levels of authority, discussions of challenges, loved all the stories. Great great great course! - Tali Goshen, VP of Human Resources at superDimension, Israel

I consider two days as a well-balanced choice and the pace during the two days was just right. - Robert Sundin, Manager at Com Hem AB, Sweden

The exercises were very enlightening, whether in sharing my own experiences or listening to others – it certainly caused me to pause and reflect upon my own “style” and recognize opportunities for growth. - David Soule, Section Manager at Erie Insurance Group, USA

The best feature, one that I have never seen in such courses, but always wanted, is the list of books worth reading. It makes the course only a starting point, for your own exploration on each topic. - Łukasz Nalepa, Scrum Master/Software Engineer at CUBE-CR, Poland